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Crime Fiction in Africa has a new hero!

Many readers and lovers of a good whodunit believe crime fiction in Africa is synonymous with Alexander McCall Smith and his ‘No 1 Ladies Detective Agency’ series. It’s my strong belief that while Precious Ramotswe is a fascinating character, she personifies a more constrained view of African crime, one that is almost ‘too good’ and […]

An Angel in Flames – Free Chapter

I’m overwhelmed, excited and a little bit scared as I present the first look at An Angel in Flames, my new book and the first of a planned series of books (the Mount Kenya Series) featuring a woman unafraid to break boundaries, shatter ceilings and confront injustice. This taut, immersive book includes a lively cast of […]

Africa’s new crime thriller series

It’s coming soon! Get ready for a scintillating white-knuckle ride with the ‘Angel Mutua’ Crime Series based in Kenya’s stunning Mount Kenya region. Coming in October 2017 is my new book, featuring a new, exciting character, Angel Mutua, a young, brilliant detective and Chief of the Laikipia Police Division.  

Heirs of Kush – Epic of Aphrike Book 2 debuts in October

‘Heirs of Kush’, the second book in the fantasy adventure Epic of Aphrike trilogy will launch this October. ‘Heirs of Kush’ tells of the Munene twins’ continuing adventures in the Ancient Kingdom of Sheba. The black fog has spread its tentacles over Aphrike and the great continents of the earth. The twins’ inevitable encounter with […]

Meet Author, N.K. Read

An interview with Author, N.K. Read Born and bred in Kenya, and now living between Nairobi and Sydney, Australia, N.K Read is a storyteller and journalist who has written for several publications and news outlets including the Kenya Television Network, The Sydney Morning Herald and The Guardian UK as well as directed three documentary films, […]

Children of Saba receives stellar 5 stars from’s Top 100 reviewer

Great news for ‘Children of Saba’ – the book just received a stellar 5 star rating from one of’s Top 100 reviewers: “Sensually provocative, visually breath-taking, and relentlessly suspenseful, N.K. Read’s ‘Children of Saba’ is that kind of book that only comes so rarely. From the first page, it sweeps you off your feet not […]

Children of Saba & The Epic of Aphrike series

THE EPIC OF APHRIKE TRILOGY BOOK 1 – ‘The Children of Saba’ – NOW AVAILABLE ON AMAZON.COM What is the greatest story ever untold … until now?  What does the mysterious monk know about the ancient key of Sämay? Who are the capricious ghouls and dark djinni spirits rising over the earth? What is the […]

The Concise Art of Teju Cole

Nigerian-born writer Teju Cole is emerging as a pop star African thinker and someone young-er, African intellectuals are scrambling to talk to. In essence, he lends cool to African literacy which has long needed a dose of youthful relevance injected into it. Brooklyn based Cole is famed, firstly for his acerbic prose and coining the […]

Africa’s greatest story

Author N.K Read writes about what inspired her new book ‘Children of Saba’, an exciting, epic novel that re-imagines Africa’s past (and future) glory. Herodotus (Greek historian c. 484–425 BC) called them the ‘wisemen occupying the Upper Nile, men of long life, whose manners and customs pertain to the Golden Age, those virtuous mortals whose […]