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Welcome to Afrikkana! The home of Kenyan born author, N.K Read.

You can buy her books from Amazon.comApple iBookstoreGoogle PlayKobo, Barnes & Noble and Smashwords.

Here’s a list of her books and a short synopsis on each:


No 1: Children of Saba:

An ancient race responsible for throwing shadows on time’s dawn bequeaths one family with a legacy so powerful it could end all existence as we know it.

The problem is the family doesn’t have a clue of what the inheritance is. It’s a mystery so primeval and unutterable that it has faded from the present-now. Go on a journey through Africa never seen before from the hurried streets of Nairobi to the empty expanse of the great aṣ-Ṣaḥrāʾal-Kubrā  desert, . Get lost in the magnificence of Africa’s stunning landscapes and its vanishing tribes, immerse yourself in the magic, romance and intrigue of this great continent’s regal past and discover an unforgettable story.  Juxtaposed against the complexities of modern life, the book re-imagines the legacy of a vast ancient race responsible for throwing giant shadows upon the dawn of time. Written for young adults and adults alike, ‘Children of Saba’ is a captivating chronicle that leaps beyond the boundaries of the present and transcends the origins of the Earth. AVAILABLE NOW

No 2: Heirs of Kush:

Heirs of Kush tells of the Munene twins’ continuing adventures in the Ancient Kingdom of Sheba and the slowly unfolding mystery of Bilqis, who roams the earth seeking the Key of Sämay.

The black fog has spread its tentacles over Aphrike and the great continents of the earth. The twins’ inevitable encounter with the darkest entity of the ancient world draws ever closer and the fight between good and evil is set for the battlefields of the Sudd and Bahr al Jabal, a fight that could end in unspeakable horror.

This is author N.K Read’s much-anticipated second book of the fantasy Epic of Aphrike series – yet another intoxicating adventure, rich with the intrigue of Africa’s past, romance, suspense and infused with the deep secrets of the cradle of mankind.


No 3: Legacy of Meroe:

The conclusion to the Children of Saba trilogy is coming soon. WATCH THIS SPACE


No 1: An Angel in Flames:

On a freezing cold morning under the gaze of a glacial Mount Kenya, a young woman is walking home through a landscape shrouded in fog and frost. Her eye is drawn to a volt of vultures stalking a pit of fire and ash. She runs towards them to scare them off. That’s when she sees what they’ve been pecking at. It is the badly burnt and mutilated body of her father. She falls to the ground, her knees sinking into grass, ash and mud, her mouth gaping in a silent scream. Above, the flock of vultures hiss at her, swaying in the icy wind rushing down the snow-capped peaks.

Amidst the flower farms of Laikipia and the five star luxury resorts, Chief Inspector Ange Mutua investigates the gruesome murder of one of Kenya’s most controversial political leaders. Under the long gaze of Mount Kenya, she must separate fact from fiction and find a vicious murderer while being pulled into a very personal fight for her career, life and values. AVAILABLE NOW.

No 2:. An Angel in Fury:

A British soldier training in Kenya stumbles on the body of a young African woman, viciously murdered and hacked at by hyenas. Soon, suspicion, tension and rumours abound. This is no casual thrill seeking killing, but the work of a cold and calculating murderer. The body count climbs and as Ange Mutua investigates, she finds himself mired in the hidden secrets and shadows of foreign soldiers, suspected terrorists and ruthless traffickers. COMING SOON.


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