Heirs of Kush – Epic of Aphrike Book 2 debuts in October

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‘Heirs of Kush’, the second book in the fantasy adventure Epic of Aphrike trilogy will launch this October.

‘Heirs of Kush’ tells of the Munene twins’ continuing adventures in the Ancient Kingdom of Sheba. The black fog has spread its tentacles over Aphrike and the great continents of the earth. The twins’ inevitable encounter with the darkest entity of the ancient world draws ever closer and the fight between good and evil is set for the battlefields of the Sudd and Bahr al Jabal, a fight that could end in unspeakable horror. It’s a race against time itself as the twins seek out what their inheritance from their ancestors, the most ancient of men, is great foretold devastation is upon on all mankind – past, present and future.

‘Heirs of Kush’ is being released a year after the Epic of Aphrike Book 1 – ‘Children of Saba’, which was launched in December 2013 to rave reviews including being listed by The Guardian UK as one of the best books from an African author in 2013.

This second installation of Epic of Aphrike is an intoxicating adventure from author N.K Read, rich with the intrigue of Africa’s past, romance, suspense and infused with the deep secrets of the cradle of mankind.

The ‘Heirs of Kush’ will be available October 21, 2014, on Amazon.com in Kindle format.



6 thoughts on “Heirs of Kush – Epic of Aphrike Book 2 debuts in October

  1. Almost done with the Chiodren of Saba and am loving it!!
    I don’t do Kindle so when/where can I get the paperback / hardcover of Heurs of Kush – please?!?!?

    1. Hi Sidonie,
      We’re working on that and we should have it ready by end of September 2017.
      Kind regards,
      The Afrikkana Team

  2. Hi!

    When will the Heirs of Kush be available in the U.S. in paperback format?? If not soon, where can I obtain a paperback copy??


    1. Hi Fabienne,
      We’re working on that and should have it ready by the end of September 2017.
      Thanks so much for your enquiry.
      The Afrikkana Team

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