Children of Saba & The Epic of Aphrike series

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BOOK 1 – ‘The Children of Saba’ – NOW AVAILABLE ON AMAZON.COM

What is the greatest story ever untold … until now? 
What does the mysterious monk know about the ancient key of Sämay?
Who are the capricious ghouls and dark djinni spirits rising over the earth?
What is the omen of time, the antique relic that is the harbinger of time and truth?
What is the Ngst’s häbt treasure and what power does it wield?
What has Saytan of Is, the scion of Ng’ai been searching for through the billowing folds of time?
What is the fate of the Sceptre of Sheba?

Though time has stood still for him, the guardian is gradually finding it difficult to maintain his sheath and in rhythm with the bolt of thunder that boomed across the heavens above, his smooth, sculptured features shift, revealing for a quick instant the weary, churning soul of an ancient man who longs to be released to timelessness yet is chained, by purpose, to present reality.

He lifts his head and draws in a long breath. He smells immortal menace in the cold night air that blows in from the lake. It fans over his smooth skinned baby-face and penetrates deep into his old, tired bones.

Fingering his brass Coptic cross, he shuffles to the door and pulls its small shutter window open, peering out into the gloom. He can just make out the shapes of the other monks’ huts on the hill below him, but beyond them, the shadows meld into the murkiness of the thick marshes and the restless waters of the great lagoon.

Fierce wind shakes the small hut to its foundations and the guardian’s heart races, his mind’s eye fixed on the sky above the bay churning with dark, ominous clouds that flare with electromagnetic energy. The massive release of force is but a mere reflection of the agitated storm deep in the cosmos where coronal mass ejections releases magnitudes of matter and waves of radiation into space above the sun’s roiling surface.

Things are not as they seem. The ganeloč are rising over the earth again. Why are they rising once more? What do they seek? Who will stop their relentless, violent and terrible search?

In 2013, readers of all ages, all over the world, can learn the answers to these questions and more in the exciting, new book, ‘Children of Saba’, the first of three books in the  ‘Epic of Aphrike’ trilogy, by Kenyan born author N.K. Read.

An ominous, sooty and towering cumulus entity lies suspended above the cities of Africa. Speculation on whether the anomalous storm clouds are natural, manmade or a product of excessive pollution rages in the media and on social networks with scientists and meterologists unable to get accurate readings on their composition.

The eerie tempest has been mounting over time, precipitated by whispers of ferocious serpents and evil spirits persecuting the innocent and savaging the holy. News of these malevolent hauntings has been filtering across the continent, reawakening ancient nightmares and reviving old myths.

After their parents are kidnapped by their sworn enemy who seeks a long lost and forgotten family secret, the Munene twins go into hiding in their grandmother’s remote farm on the edge of the savannah. Under the growing cloud of darkness that seeks to envelop the earth, they meet a mysterious goat herder and are catapulted into the past, almost 3000 years back in time.

Preppy-cool Mwenda and his precocious sister Kendi find themselves in the magnificent Kingdom of Sheba where they’re plunged into a quest discover their family’s legacy – a mystery so primeval and unutterable that it has faded from the present-now.

They join forces with the fiercely beautiful Queen of Sheba and the elite Meroë nthaka warriors in battling a dark, ancient enemy who seeks her throne and access to the twins’ secret.

Caught in throes of an epic conflict, they realise that that their quest involves the key to a most powerful object that their ancestors, the enigmatic race called the First Men, believed could forge a path between the divine and human.

The twins eventually learn that they are the only two people on the earth – past, present and future – who can sway the outcome of a foreordained chain of cataclysmic events that are linked to their family’s present predicament and could catastrophically affect all three dimensions of time.

This is the untold story of Africa, one that reimagines the legacy of a great, vast ancient race that is responsible for throwing ‘giant shadows upon the dawn of time’. It is a chronicle that leaps beyond the boundaries of the present and transcends the parameters of the origins of the Earth.

Will the twins find out what their family’s secret is and what power it truly holds? Will they find the key of Sämay and free their parents before time, in all three dimensions, runs out?

Find out in 2013!

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BOOK 2 – ‘The Heirs of Kush’ – COMING IN 2014

The skies above the savannah are murky, roofed in by dark, billowing clouds that threaten to storm down on the grasslands below. A slight woman stands on a wind-swept cliff on the edge of a giant rift cut into the earth. She is glowing; her silhouette illuminated by a swarm of fireflies darting around her, their light pulsing in rhythm with bursts of jagged lightening in the distance. She holds an impressive weapon in her hand, an artifact of great splendor that gleams in the ethereal light.To her right is a giant of imposing size, his shadow looming over the strange panorama, and to her left, a tall lean moran with flaming red locks tumbling down his backside, gazing back at her with eyes of steel.

Unperturbed by the brewing storm, she turns to look at the ebony skinned warrior.

“It is the only way.”

His unusual eyes cloud at her emphatic words, flickering over her luminescing features. She is a woman of quiet beauty and inner strength, in superb control of herself. Her flecked brown and gold irises bore into his soul and churn up his spirit, sending shivers through every muscle of his Nthaka body.

‘Why?’ The Meroë man says warily. ‘You are Queen of the North, of Sheba. You are also Bilqis, ruler of a hundred lands, with tens of thousands of warriors at your beck and call. Why me? Why now?’

‘Only you will fight to the death to guard it, because you know it’s incredible power. You will keep it safe and yet remain immune to its pull. ’

‘There are many of your enemies and their armies who’ll storm this land if —’ the Meroë warrior begins hotly, but the queenly woman silences him with an impatient gesture.

‘No-one knows I have travelled this far south to hide it. Trust me. Cub of Leboo, will you protect the key of Sämay?’

The Munene twins are drawn back into the ongoing eternal battle that rages in the skies and cosmos above them. Their ancestral family line was chosen to guard a great secret but one of their own, weighed down by its burden, spoke carelessly … and someone was listening.  The stakes have now risen, and the twins, pursued by their old enemy, Isheshemi, are plunged into yet more crisis, war and adventure, traveling from Aigypt and Aethiop to the Western sands of the Sahara and to Great Zimbabwe, fighting off the prodigious 99, the cast-outs of eternity.

Will they right their ancestor’s mistake before time itself runs out?

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Book 3 – ‘The Men of Meroë’ – COMING IN 2015

A King lies in on his ornate gold bed, his eyes open, yet lost in fantastical dreaming. He’s caught in a nightmare and he thrashes, crying in agony as he sees murdered babies, defiled women, a desolate land and an ominous darkness totally enshrouding the earth.

He jerks awake, silently mouthing his pain and staggers to his window to stare out at the soulless night. He silently screams at the stormy expanse of sky.

‘The darkness of night will not stop the light of morning!’

Darkness has completely covered the sky. The sun’s rays have been obscured, and the people suffer from lack of food. An energy crisis looms and the people of earth are descending into apocalyptic panic.

Despite all their efforts, Isheshemi has returned and his eyes are firmly fixed on Mwenda and Kendi, who hold the secret to the greatest treasure in the universe.

The twins are contacted by the Guardian and asked to find the first men of the ancient world, the forgotten wisemen of the Golden Age who were sent to teach humans virtue and who still walk amongst us. They seek the Firsts to consult them on how to overcome the new and improved Isheshemi who has returned to earth and taken it hostage.

Their journey culminates in the ’mountain from which all knowledge on earth comes from and to which all knowledge on earth ultimately returns’ where they meet Isheshemi face to face. 

Will the Munene twins protect the long-lost, inextinguishable key of Sämay in time, or will  the gates of Sempiternity, where past, present and future coalesce as one, be opened, unleashing an eternal war unlike any other seen since time before time?


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