Children of Saba, Epic of Aphrike Book 1

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BOOK 1 – LAUNCHING November 2013


Though time had stood still for him, the guardian was finding it increasingly difficult to maintain his sheath and his smooth, sculptured features shifted in rhythm with the clap of thunder that boomed across the heavens above, revealing for a quick instant the weary, churning soul of an ancient man who longed to be released to timelessness yet was chained, by purpose, to present reality.

He lifted his head and drew in a long breath. He smelt immortal menace in the cold night air that blew in from the lake. It fanned over his almost too perfect, sculptured face and wafted over his fiery leonine hair, penetrating deep into his old, tired bones.

Fingering his brass Coptic cross, he shuffled to the door, his cloak rippling behind him in a groundswell of energy.

Pulling open its small shutter window, he peered out into the gloom. He could just make out the shapes of the other monks’ huts on the hill below him, but beyond them, the shadows melded into the murkiness of the thick marshes and the restless waters of the great lagoon.

Fierce wind shook the small hut to its core and the guardian’s heart raced, his mind’s eye fixed on the sky above the bay churning with dark, ominous clouds that flared with electromagnetic energy. The massive release of force was but a mere reflection of the agitated storm deep in the cosmos where coronal mass ejections released magnitudes of matter and waves of radiation into space above the sun’s roiling surface.

The eerie tempest had been mounting over time, precipitated by whispers of capricious ghouls, ferocious serpents and dark djinni spirits persecuting the innocent and savaging the holy. News of these malevolent hauntings had filtered across the mists and backwaters of the isolated cove, causing the ageless man great anguish.

‘Things are not as they seem. The ganeloč are rising over the earth again and doom rises with them …’

What is the greatest story ever untold … until now?

What does the mysterious monk know about the ancient key to Ouroboros?

Who are the capricious ghouls and dark djinni spirits rising over the earth?

What is the omen of time, the antique relic that is the harbinger of time and truth?

What is the Ngst’s häbt treasure and what power does it wield?

What has Saytan of Is, the scion of Ng’ai been searching for through the billowing folds of time?

In 2013, readers of all ages, all over the world, can learn the answers to these questions and more in the exciting, new book, ‘Children of Saba’, the first of three books in the ‘Epic of Aphrike’ trilogy, by Kenyan born author N.K. Read.

An ominous, sooty and towering cumulus entity lies suspended above the cities of Africa. Speculation on whether the anomalous storm clouds are natural, manmade or a product of excessive pollution rages in the media and on social networks with scientists and meterologists unable to get accurate readings on their composition.

The eerie tempest has been mounting over time, precipitated by whispers of ferocious serpents and evil spirits persecuting the innocent and savaging the holy. News of these malevolent hauntings has been filtering across the continent, reawakening ancient nightmares and reviving old myths.

This epic fantasy novel series centres on a modern day Kenyan family – the Munenes – who unwittingly hold the key to a secret so ancient that it has faded from the present-now.

Dr and Mrs Munene are kidnapped by a powerful man, Shem Sibande, who seeks an ancient Munene family secret – an inheritance so clandestine that its very existence was unutterable.

It is left up to their fifteen year old twin children, Mwenda and Kendi, to take on the mantle and find a way to free their parents.

Dr Munene secretly tasks his children with uncovering the truth, sending them to the countryside, to the ancestral home where grandmother, Mukami, lives – the one person alive who may have memory of the ancient riddle.

On the savannahs of Northern Kenya, they cross paths with a mysterious man whose bejewelled artifact, which they admire, sends them on a spiraling journey 3000 years back in time.

They find themselves in the magnificent Kingdom of Sheba (of the Sabean and Meroë race), outrunning ferocious flying gelada beasts and Nubian giants, outwitting a beautiful yet deeply flawed sorceress and her army of female, virgin assassins while joining forces with the elite Meroë warriors sworn to protect the Queen of Sheba from her enemies who seek her häbt treasure, her sceptre, which is reputed to have power unimaginable.

They eventually discover that they are the only two people on the earth, present and past, who can sway the outcome of a foreordained chain of cataclysmic events.

Alongside the fiercely beautiful Queen of Sheba, the taciturn and brave Soloi, a Meroë ‘nthaka’ warrior who leads the armies of Sheba alongside his five hundred year old father and the warrior-like Dinka chieftess Atong Daw, they race to unearth the secret that the mysterious entity, Isheshemi and the power hungry high priestess of the Star of Orion cult seek.

Why were they sent into the past? Is the secret that Isheshemi scours the earth and heavens for, the same that Shem Sibande seeks in the present day? Do they truly hold the power to govern present and future time and to forge a path between the divine and human?

‘Children of Saba’ will be in book stores in November 2013. Visit and to get updates, news and FREE giveaways in the lead up to the launch of this explosive and exciting book series.


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