Crime Fiction in Africa has a new hero!

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Many readers and lovers of a good whodunit believe crime fiction in Africa is synonymous with Alexander McCall Smith and his ‘No 1 Ladies Detective Agency’ series.

It’s my strong belief that while Precious Ramotswe is a fascinating character, she personifies a more constrained view of African crime, one that is almost ‘too good’ and polite – especially in a world today that is divided, suspicious, tense and increasingly desperate for social justice and  racial reconciliation.

What Africa has needed for a long time is a contemporary, modern lead character who is unafraid to challenge the status quo and shake-up the establishment in the pursuit of justice.

A character who reflects the changing face of Africa – forward thinking, a hustler-at-heart, politically minded and deeply committed to improving law and order, while fighting the spectre of corruption.

Chief Inspector Ange Mutua, my lead in the new ‘Mount Kenya’ police procedural series is just that. A multi-faceted woman focused on her job, making it her mission to serve her people in the pursuit of peace and social transformation.

At just 37, she’s thrown into the deep end when Kenya’s former chief of police and one of the country’s most notorious political leaders is slain. His death triggers a series of shockwaves that reverberate to the very top of the government, setting into motion a cascade of fear, dread and intrigue.

His murder also revives old nightmares for Ange, who is overseeing the investigation. The last thing she needs is the murder of a notoriously infamous man in her backyard. One that resurrects old nightmares she’d long forgotten. Duncan is not your run of the mill victim; he was the country’s former chief of police. He was also once a friend of Ange’s father. A man she blames for her father’s death.

While her fellow police officers are quick to lay the blame on his money hungry girlfriend, the last person to see Duncan alive but also conducting an affair with his head of security, Ange has her doubts.

She’s soon drawn into an intricate web of political cover-ups and run-ins with her own corrupt police bosses as she unearths long-buried mysteries from her own past and that of a secretive group of powerful individuals that held Kenya to ransom for many years. Amid the flower farms of Laikipia, the five star luxury wildlife resorts and under the long gaze of Mount Kenya, she must separate fact from fiction and find a vicious murderer while being pulled into a very personal fight for her life, her career and her values.

Ange Mutua is a strong, sassy woman who reflects the spirited, hardworking nature of women in Africa. She’s not just a law enforcement officer and detective, she’s a mother, wife, friend and daughter looking for answers and closure twenty years after her father’s mysterious death.

This taut, immersive book includes a lively cast of supporting characters who help bring Laikipia’s splendour to life. An Angel in Flames gives readers an atmospheric taste of Africa’s beauty and takes them on a journey into its dark side. Where courageous men and women grapple with corrupt leaders and high stakes for the sake of peace and justice for all.

FYI – Actress Malinda Williams – pictured – is my muse for the character of Ange Mutua, all the way to her trendy pixie cut!

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