Africa’s new crime thriller series

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It’s coming soon! Get ready for a scintillating white-knuckle ride with the ‘Angel Mutua’ Crime Series based in Kenya’s stunning Mount Kenya region.

Coming in October 2017 is my new book, featuring a new, exciting character, Angel Mutua, a young, brilliant detective and Chief of the Laikipia Police Division.  

Laikipia County, Kenya. One of the most fascinating places in the world Where Billionaire Playboys and Maasai Herdsmen Mingle Alongside British Royalty and Kenya Airforce Pilots. A phone call from her colleagues takes Angel Mutua onto the scene of a gruesome murder which reawakens old memories and tears apart old wounds.  One of Kenya’s most controversial political leaders has been slain in a most grotesque manner, burnt to death and branded with fire, triggering a series of shockwaves that reverberate to the very top echelons of society. A second murder pits her against an unseen killer and puts her life in mortal danger. Amidst the flower farms of Laikipia, the five star luxury resorts and under the long gaze of Mount Kenya, she must separate fact from fiction and find a vicious murderer while being pulled into a very personal fight for her life, her family and her career.

An Angel in Flames is my new thrilling new novel, about corruption, betrayal and secrets deep in the heart of Kenya’s most fascinating landscape.

Watch this space for news on its distribution.

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